"I believe a marketer should channel both artistry and science. The formula for a balanced marketing strategy is a blend of artistic and scientific attributes, it’s creativity and analysis, emotions and logic, intuition and data."

Corporate by day, entrepreneur all day.


 Brand coaching, consulting & connecting since 2009. 

 Inspired by storytelling, art, culture, humans.

I love the way in which we connect through stories. I’m a creative leader with 11 years of experience amplifying and transforming brands through storytelling. I’m Inspired by the ever-evolving marketing landscape, leaning towards roles where I’m a brand matchmaker overseeing the strategic development of integrated, mutually beneficial partnerships and sponsorships.

Working with global brands, Canadian brands, and niche experts who desire to be part of a larger conversation, has allowed me to work across a variety of dynamic portfolios through different POVs - all within the travel, luxury, lifestyle, and entertainment categories. I thrive in an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration, where I’m able to drive ideas from conversations to concept to execution.

Known to exude passion, always wear a big smile and bring my optimistic solution-driven approach to any situation.

Over the last 6 years I’ve had the pleasure to speak about the various aspects of marketing at Ryerson University, George Brown College, and panel events.