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"I believe a marketer should channel both artistry and science. The formula for a balanced marketing strategy is a blend of artistic and scientific attributes - it’s creativity and analysis, it's emotions and logic, it's intuition and data."

Stephanie Joseph-Flatts is a creative leader with over 14 years of experience amplifying and transforming brands through storytelling.


She is inspired by the ever-evolving marketing landscape, holding roles that focus on marketing strategy, branding, partnerships, and creative direction – both in the corporate and entrepreneurial realms. Working with global brands, Canadian brands, and niche experts, has allowed her to work with a variety of dynamic portfolios through different POVs across various categories: travel, art, food & beverage, luxury, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, sports, and entertainment.​

When she takes off her corporate and entrepreneurial hats, she: speaks on women empowerment panels, coaches and mentors students and Alumni at Universities and Colleges, and is deeply involved in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

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