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“The heart of my work is rooted and inspired by storytelling, which guides my passion to conceptualize and execute with big to small brands in a meaningful and impactful way – through strategy, design, content, experiences, and media. My love for storytelling can be tracked back to when I was younger, writing stories in every notebook I could get my hands on...”

Stephanie is a creative leader with over 12 years of experience amplifying and transforming brands through storytelling. She is inspired by the ever-evolving marketing landscape, holding roles that focus on marketing strategy, branding, partnerships, and creative direction – both in the corporate and entrepreneurial realms. Working with global brands, Canadian brands, and niche experts, has allowed her to work with a variety of dynamic portfolios through different POVs across various categories: travel, art, food & beverage, luxury, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, sports, and entertainment.


With great teams Stephanie has had the opportunity to Implement impactful campaigns and strategies for notable brands, such as: RBC, LVMH, Nike, Adidas, OVO, Lululemon, Olympics, Art Gallery of Ontario, Google, American Express, CIBC, Ikea, Diageo World Class, Air Canada, WestJet, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors, Hello! Magazine, Flare Magazine, Elle Canada Magazine, Breakfast Television, Cityline, Nespresso, among many others.

When she takes off her corporate and entrepreneurial hats, she speaks on women empowerment panels, coaches and mentors students and Alumni at Universities and Colleges, and is deeply involved in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

"I believe a marketer should channel both artistry and science. The formula for a balanced marketing strategy is a blend of artistic and scientific attributes, it’s creativity and analysis, emotions and logic, intuition and data."

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